Be Your Own Dream Girl!

Our Summer '16 campaign is all about crushin' on yourself!

In a sea of of #wcws, #girlcrushes, and #squadgoals - when are we going to take a step back and fall for ourselves? More often than not we overhear women wishing they looked like someone else, or proclaiming that they could pull an article of clothing off if only they looked like 'fill in the blank here'. Being your own dream girl means having the guts to unapologetically be exactly who you are - trends be damned. It means standing out in the crowd not because of what you are wearing - but because your inner confidence is that commanding of a presence. It is that "somethin' somethin'" inside of you that is so strong, no one could replicate no matter how hard they try. The four sparkling LA women represented in this campaign are the ultimate paradigm of this ideal. So three cheers - no, four - for each of them, and for each one of you - the brave ones shining in their own spotlight, unafraid to pave their own way. <3


"Having the ability to use creativity as a way of communicating is so empowering."


"Sincerity and honesty in who you are, and how you project into the world, makes someone the dream girl to themselves and to others."


" I approach 30 I realize being genuine and real about who you are and what you represent trumps everything else."


"I'm unapologetically myself pretty much wherever I go, which is empowering."