Sofia Hultquist is NOT a man in a white wig penning music at a desk by candlelight. She IS a w-o-m-a-n paving the way for a new generation of composers who also happen to wear lipstick and appreciate sustainable fashion.
A recent LA transplant by way of NYC, this oh-so-refined lady was born and raised in Florence, Italy. An early love of both fashion and music carved a natural path for Sofia's current passion driven career - composing and creating music for fashion, film and media under the nom de plume Drum & Lace.
Sofia is a huge supporter of both local brands and small businesses (her first online order with us included a warm note welcoming us to LA!) and is active within her community. She has her finger on the pulse of the most interesting things in the city, with a camera roll's worth of #latergrams to share with us when she is back in the work zone at home. This is a quality worth admiring - Sofia does not merely exist in her world, she immerses herself in it - runny mascara and pruny fingers be damned.
Aside from her eye popping accolades (most recently having co-penned the score for acclaimed fashion documentary "The First Monday in May" alongside her composer husband), it is Sofia's sincerity in both her character and spirit that made her a no brainer for this campaign!

Read on below to learn a bit more about Sofia and why having people over the years tell her she COULDN'T achieve her dreams has been empowering to her.

What does being your own dream girl mean to you?

It means being true to me, and being myself 100% of the time. I spent so many years in my teens and twenties trying to please others and being the person I thought others wanted and needed me to be. Sincerity and honesty in who you are, and how you project into the world, makes someone the dream girl to themselves and to others.

Did you have an ultimate "Be Your Own Dream Girl" influence growing up? If so, who and why?

Thinking back on it, I don't feel like I had enough female role models to look up to, especially within music and composition/technology. I have always been a fan of Suzanne Ciani (synth and modular queen) and of Bjork's aesthetic and attitude which are both so uniquely hers.

In your opinion, what is the most empowering thing about yourself? Or what is the most empowering thing you have done for yourself?

Just being here, doing what I'm doing, after years and handfuls of people telling me I wouldn't be. These hurdles I've had to overcome professionally and personally have made me feel empowered, and standing up for myself and being unapologetically myself do, too.

If you could take yourself on a summer vacation anywhere, where would you go and why?

Would a three month vacation all over the world count? :P If I had to narrow it down, though it would be either Morocco or the Galapagos Islands. I've never been to either, but I'd love to go to Morocco because of the rich culture, history, colors and beauty of the landscape. And definitely the Galapagos Islands because I love marine animals, nature and the ocean, and want nothing more than to swim with the turtles.

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