The first time I laid eyes upon Kenesha Sneed's stoneware ceramic work (under the name Tactile Matter) through Instagram, I fell fast. I fell even harder when I saw she was based in LA (aka the possibility of meeting and becoming friends was in fact VERY possible). Then she walked into my life - literally, right into Coast to Coast on a Sunday at the Melrose Trading Post and that was it.
She doesn't know it yet, but Kenesha is the inspiration behind this whole campaign. It started with a discussion about a fully illustrated campaign at her hand, and we ended up here. Amongst 10000+ other things, it is her artistry, her grace, her humbleness in regards to her work and talent - it is all of these things and more that make her the unassuming dream girl that she is.
Having left her 9-5 job within the past year to turn her energy towards Tactile Matter full time, Kenesha is currently living both her truth and her dream in a magical little spot in Altadena - with a studio and veggie garden to boot. Her work (though widely drooled over) comes across as so personal, it almost feels like a delicious secret - if a secret includes counting Solange's concept store Saint Heron as one of your stockists.
Deeply inspired by Southern California and the desert that surrounds her, Kenesha throws all her pieces by hand at home with an unrelenting strive for perfection in both quality and design. Naturally, this beauty doesn't stop her talents at ceramics and is an incredible illustrator as well - the work she did for this campaign is only a peek at what she is capable of.
Read on below to learn a bit more about Kenesha, and how this true artist's  creativity has empowered her over the years.

What does being your own dream girl mean to you?


Living comfortably in the skin I was given, having a mind that’s constantly learning and a spirit I try my hardest to nourish are what make me feel like my own dream girl. It’s a constant work in progress but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Did you have an ultimate 'Be Your Own Dream Girl' influence growing up? If so, who and why?
I always say this but my mother was a huge influence when I was growing up. Everything from the way she styled herself in high waisted baggy jeans and a colorful top, to the weird art projects we made together. She encouraged me when I wanted to pursue an artistic career and still is the most positive person I know. I can’t say I’d be who I am today without that kind of understanding and acceptance. She still knows how to rock a bold printed top and I love her for that!
In your opinion, what is the most empowering thing about yourself? Or what is the most empowering thing that you have done for yourself?
Having the ability to use creativity as a way of communicating is so empowering. Being able to make a finished piece using clay or designing digitally are passions of mine that help shape my style and approach to the way I view the world. It’s a good feeling when someone is enjoying something I’ve made, it gives me the extra push to keep pursuing my passions. When I’m not feeling at my best or my mind is cluttered, making something with my hands has a way of getting me back to myself again and I’m thankful for that.
If you could take yourself on a summer vacation anywhere, where would you go and why?
There’s so many places I haven’t been admittedly, I’ve got a long list in mind but have wanted to travel to Morocco for years. Everything from the textiles, food and culture makes me want to visit, maybe this will inspire me to make it happen!
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