There is something about Kristina Bing that is contagiously joyous. Maybe it's her mega watt smile that can light up a room, or the way she genuinely laughs at a joke. Her presence is compelling without having to broadcast a dang thing, which is undoubtedly the most compelling thing about her. When I contacted Kristina to be a part of this campaign, we had only had a few brief in person interactions at events where Coast to Coast was selling, but I knew from the get go that this girl just had IT.

Currently nestled in Long Beach, Kristina is a visual merchandise manager for Anthropologie with a penchant for plant life and turning everything she touches into gold. The beautiful home she has created with her girlfriend of three years is warm and bright and chockful with flora and tangible memories. It is a living, breathing example of the kind of energy she exudes into the world.

Read on below to learn a little more about Kristina and how the lesson she learned this year (going into her 30th year of life) has helped her to shape who she has become.


What does being your own dream girl mean to you?


Being your own dream girl to me means not being afraid. 

Not being afraid to:

  • chase your passion(s)
  • change & trust your instincts 
  • narrate your own life 
  • be a non conformist 
  • have a voice
  • laugh loudly
  • uplift other women 
  • work without applause 
  • be a force to be reckoned with 
  • wear whatever makes you feel like Solange 

You know those girls who walk into a room and command the attention of everyone in it? DREAM GIRL.

Did you have an ultimate 'Be Your Own Dream Girl' influence growing up? If so, who and why?

My ultimate "Be Your Own Dream Girl" influence is Barb, my mom! She embodies everything that a great woman should be and is filled with so much light and love. Barb has always challenged and inspired me, especially when I was younger. She has always been such a strong role model and i've always admired her open heart and fearless-ness. Barb taught me to never settle and to never leave the fate of your dreams in someone else's hands. 

 In your opinion, what is the most empowering thing about yourself? Or what is the most empowering thing that you have done for yourself?

The most empowering thing I have ever done for myself is when I made a promise to be honest with myself & with everyone who enters my world. I spent multiple years lying about who I was and for what? Being terrified of criticism and backlash. Now, as I approach 30 I realize being genuine and real about who you are and what you represent trumps everything else. 


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