Moesha's Closet!

Moesha Mitchell was the 90s queen of monochromatic looks, miniskirts, printed blouses, and never without the perfect accessory (mini backpacks galore!)! The incredible costume designer Yolanda Braddy (who also worked on Living Single!!) spoke about her time working on Moesha in a Vice article :

"Yolanda Braddy, Moesha’s longtime costumer designer, shared some of the brands that she opted to have featured on the show, including Iceberg, FUBU and Karl Kani, adding, “Moesha also wore Christian Louboutin. They were just launching and people didn’t know... I would buy it at Barneys.”  Braddy also highlighted how important it was for her to include Black designers in the costuming process. “I always tried to support young, Black entrepreneurs like FUBU, Mecca, Enyce, Toni Shellman. But sometimes I had to go to Guess. The Juicy sweats were [also really] big back then.” In a 1996 New York Times fashion piece, Braddy noted that “chocolate brown and black [were] Moesha’s favorite colors.”

Shop the vintage pieces inspired by Moesha below! 20% of all sales from this collection will benefit The Salt Eaters bookshop GoFundMe. From their GoFundMe, this Inglewood bookshop "is an emerging independent, Black woman-owned bookstore based in Los Angeles prioritizing books by and about Black women and girls, femmes, and non-binary folks. 

The Salt Eaters Bookshop aims to create a Black feminist literary hub and resting ground for dreamers, seekers of knowledge, creatives, writers, community archivists, artists, change agents, and those invested in a liberation practice that holds Black women, girls, femmes, and non-binary folks at the center."